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The Future of
Parking has arrived

Learn about our new smart parking technology.

légy te is részese a YourParking élménynek

Coming soon...

We are working hard on testing and further developing our product and app. We would like to provide the best user experience with our safe and reliable product.

You can make pre-orders with high discount, and you can be among the firsts in our new parking-sharing community.

Contact us for further information! info@localhost

Your parking - Your problem?

Few parking lots

There are less and less parking lots in crowded places. The parking lots are more like separated spots, spread around a bigger area.

Unauthorized parking

It is usual that private or restricted parking lots or even driveways are occupied by unauthorized drivers and the entitled user can not access it.

No systems

There is no system in the market which can deal with ‘microtransactions’, accessibility and separated private parking lots at the same times.

We've got the solution

We designed a strong and long-lasting product which addressed everyday people, companies and governmental organizations who have more effectively useable spots.

We can make better use of free space, scattered spots, moreover everyone can benefit from it!


We can use the power of the society to solve this problem, our team provides the device and platform for it!

Controllable by phone or by remote

Maintenance-free battery ad body

Easy to share

légy te is részese a YourParking élménynek

0-24 service

Local warranty, fast costumer service

Safe online paying services

Our Products


"Myparking - Basic"

The normal analog parking barrier, but more massive and ergonomic than the others in the market. It’s strong but elegant!


"Yourparking advanced smart"

A smart, automatically working barrier, which can recognize my car with an additional beacon or use it via an application.



This is the future of parking. You can protect your private space and any time you can share your space with any user, moreover you can earn money with it in a controlled, safe and fully automatic system. With an advanced application you can easily make the settings. You can give the time periods when others can use it, and you can decide about pricing. The other app users can see the free parking lots on a map and see the details, they can open it and use it when you put your device on the app to a “free to use” period.
It has the usual elegant and strong appearance, as the other Yourparking products.

Download the App

Besides the ‘ergonomical’ shape and strong, long-lasting material use, and the individual color we developed a new platform behind the product.

The idea of sharing economy is not new, but at this segment there were no platform for it – until now! You can use it both for iOS and Android.

Having Questions? Contact us!

You can make pre-orders with high discount, and you can be among the firsts in our new parking-sharing community. 

For further information, please contact us!

We are working hard on developing the app. You have to wait a bit, but see you soon there!

légy te is részese a YourParking élménynek

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