The future of parking has arrived

Imagine for a moment that hunting for a downtown parking space will no longer cause unnecessary stress and waste of time, and no one else will park in your space if you don’t want it!
In fact: imagine what it would be like if you even made money with your parking space!
With these and many other functions, Yourparking parking barriers make parking – and with it your everyday life – incredibly convenient.


Your Parking - Your Problem?

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Little parking

In big cities, there are far fewer parking spaces than needed. Moreover, many of these are useless.

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Illegal parking

Has it ever happened to you that you couldn't park in front of your own house, in your own parking space, because someone took it? Perhaps the worst is when you come home from shopping...

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There are countless parking spaces that are closed or reserved for some organization, which are empty most of the time, yet we cannot use them. There would be a solution.

We found the solution

We have created a parking barrier for both ordinary people and companies. It can withstand the weight of a truck, so it is both a guard and a wedge for your parking lot!

In addition, with this device, free areas can be used much better, since parking spaces can be shared. Everyone is guaranteed to have a good time with it!


You can easily manage it – either from a mobile phone or with a remote control

Does not require care after dismantling

You can easily share it with others at any time – for free or for money

0-24 availability – also at our customer service

3-year local warranty and fast service

Secure online payment system

Our parking barriers

Yourparking okos parkolásgátlói


25000 Ft + VAT

optimálisabban kihasználva a parkolódat, hanem azt is biztosíthatod, hogy hazaérkezésedkor senki nem áll majd a helyeden

Remote controller

890 Ft1490 Ft + VAT

Column parking barrier

20000 Ft + VAT

Customizable parking barrier

300000 Ft + VAT

“Yourparking advanced smart” parking barrier

300000 Ft + VAT

“Myparking – Basic” parking barrier

200000 Ft + VAT

Our partners

Get to know the app

You can operate the “YourParking advanced smart” and “Y/Ourparking” parking barriers with the help of a mobile application, in your car or even while sitting in the office.

In fact! When you are not standing in your parking lot, you can also rent it out – for the duration and hourly rate you set. And of course you can use another one when you need it.

Yourparking parkolásgátló térkép

Do you need help?

Stuck while shopping or installing a parking barrier? Did you have a problem while using it? Or would you just ask?

Feel free to write it here! There is always someone at our 0-24 hour customer service who is happy to answer you!

Hamarosan itt is találkozunk!

Közösségi média-oldalaink most még fejlesztés alatt állnak, de hamarosan ezeken a felületeken is elérhetsz minket!

Addig is böngéssz tovább a honlapunkon, ha pedig kapcsolatba szeretnél lépni velünk, tedd meg bátran elérhetőségeink egyikén (katt ide)!

We are working hard on developing the app. You have to wait a bit, but see you soon there!

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