Paid parking in Józsefváros: even for locals

In our previous blog, we wrote about how the new zone systems will change parking conditions in Budapest. Since then, the Józsefváros representative body has decided to amend the rules for free residential parking. According to the previous regulations, every resident of Józsefváros could park two cars on the street free of charge, but this will change from now on.

The 100 percent subsidy will be reduced to 80 percent for the first car, and for the second car, this may also mean a 50 percent reduction. A further change will be the fact that parking permits can be requested not per resident, but per apartment.

Fizetős parkolás Józsefvárosban: még a helyieknek is

Paid parking in Józsefváros: even for locals

Based on the municipality’s expectations, making parking available for everyone in the district will reduce the utilization of parking spaces, so that more free spaces will be available for residents and workers, air pollution will decrease and the quality of life may improve. In addition, HUF 300 million extra income is expected as a result of the new regulations.

Optimum use of parking spaces is indeed a big problem in modern cities, but this type of measures does not necessarily target the source of the problem. As a local resident, it is necessary to find new, alternative solutions for the placement of cars, but this does not necessarily affect the traffic during the day.

With the help of Yourparking’s smart parking barriers, a more optimal use of existing parking spaces becomes possible thanks to the fact that a parking space can be used by several people per day using the sharing function. Rent out or share your private parking space with others while you are not at home, not only making better use of your parking space, but also ensuring that no one will be standing in your place when you get home!


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