A Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and a suitable internet connection are required to use the application.

For mobile data traffic, mobile communication, and Bluetooth 5.2. A smartphone capable of running the protocol is required to use the application

Yes, there is! In the menu you can change the language of the YourParking app by tapping on the appropriate flag.

Yes, you can change the language of the application to another language by clicking on the flag in the menu.


Either (i.) provide a real email address, a password with sufficient strength, or (ii.) an external service provider

  • By selecting a Google or Facebook account, the system redirects you to the website of the external service provider, you log in there, check things, and you are done with the registration.

To use the application, you must register in the login menu that appears when you open the application after installing it.

You must enter a password that is at least 8 characters long and meets the security requirements.

Delete account button within the application after clicking on Profile, or by writing an email from the email address you registered with, in which you verify yourself and formulate a request for deletion. In this case, YourParking will delete the user account with the authorization of the user.

You can change this in your Profile settings, or by writing an email to YourParking.

No, only one person can use an account at a time. We ask users not to share their user accounts as they can add others to their device for free.


You can find a parking space by manually searching the map or using the Finder.

  • Not yet 🙁 (August 2022)

Yes. In most cases, there may be a difference of a few centimeters, in the worst case, it is expected to be within 2 meters of the position marked on the map.

Free parking lots are marked with a green frame on the map.

You reserve the desired device, navigate to it, and then press the “Arrival” button. And you can stop now.

There is none, but there is a minimum parking fee of HUF 175.

There is, currently HUF 175. This covers the server and mailing service, third party payment provider (Stripe) commission and automatic invoicing. YourParking’s share in this case is HUF 0.

You can see the hourly parking rate when you select the device whose hourly rate you want to know.

With YourParking, unlike traditional parking, you don’t have to waste your precious time looking for a parking space – you reserve the parking space on the app, you go, you park. Simply. Smartly. Effectively.

If you have selected the desired parking lot and reserved it, clicking on the Navigation button will open the Google map, which will navigate you to the parking barrier using your activated GPS.

Once you have selected the desired parking space, click on the reservation

Hamarosan itt is talĂĄlkozunk!

KözössĂ©gi mĂ©dia-oldalaink most mĂ©g fejlesztĂ©s alatt ĂĄllnak, de hamarosan ezeken a felĂŒleteken is elĂ©rhetsz minket!

Addig is böngĂ©ssz tovĂĄbb a honlapunkon, ha pedig kapcsolatba szeretnĂ©l lĂ©pni velĂŒnk, tedd meg bĂĄtran elĂ©rhetƑsĂ©geink egyikĂ©n (katt ide)!

We are working hard on developing the app. You have to wait a bit, but see you soon there!

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