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Provide your guests and clients with convenient, anytime available parking!

The design of YourParking parking barriers is perfectly suited to the needs of hotels and companies as well as private purposes.

In addition, you can choose from a number of additional services as our company partner, which will help you take advantage of all the advantages of YourParking parking barriers even more.
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Easy to operate – either from a mobile phone or with a remote control

Does not require care after dismantling

It can be easily shared with others at any time – for free or for money

Yourparking parkolĂĄsgĂĄtlĂł elƑnyök.

0-24 Availability – also at our customer service

3-Year local warranty and fast service

Secure online payment system

Our offer to our corporate partners

We want to help even more! In addition to our parking barriers, we also offer a number of extra services to our corporate partners so that you can get the most out of your Yourparking devices.

Do you need a parking barrier in a different size than the traditional one, or would you like to see your company’s colors and logo on it again? Everything is possible! Feel free to inquire about individual design!

We provide discounted, individually designed price offers for our corporate partners. If you are considering installing several products, be sure to contact us so that we can find the most favorable solution!

If you have a permanent mains power source, don’t bother with a battery! Stable operation, even uninterrupted, can be ensured with a constant mains power supply. If required, we will install the device on site, for which we will even perform the power disconnections!

If you don’t want to bother with the device at all, you can order our operation service. This means that we uninstall, then replace/upload the device for you, occasionally inspect it, and clean its surroundings. We can even handle contact management for you. Basically, all you have to do is secure your seat and sit back!

If you already have an existing smart home or security system, or even your own parking space, you can order it so that we can examine the possibility of integrating it into the common system, which we can do afterwards!

take part in the YourParking experience
take part in the YourParking experience

In addition to the basic warranty, you can sign an additional warranty for 1-2 years. This is the same as the terms of the basic guarantee, only for a longer period. You can order this at almost any time, but no later than 9 months before the end of the warranty for the device.

Are you afraid that a little biting or stretching will cause damage? Insure your device! If there is damage to the device, we will repair it, and if it can no longer be repaired, you can get a new device at an extremely favorable price.

You can order us to inspect the device at specified intervals and repair/replace the necessary parts. We recommend this if you use the parking space yourself and manage the availability conditions, but you don’t want to deal with aesthetics and charging.

If you don’t want to charge the battery, order a solar cover! You can replace this yourself at any time, and it is very easy to install. You can also connect an external solar panel. In this case, contact us for a unique offer!

We recommend this option mainly to hotels and larger businesses that have many devices that are regularly managed. You can ask us to teach colleagues how to use the platform so that they can manage all devices as best as possible. You can even ask us to show you the maintenance of the devices in person.

Do you only need a device for a short period of time? Don’t you want to invest in it? Or just want to try it out? Rent equipment from us and use it for as long as you want. Here, in each case, a unique offer is prepared, which covers the conditions of use, the fee, as well as other related services (e.g. installation, removal). It can be an excellent solution even for events and festivals.

Get to know the app

You can operate the “YourParking advanced smart” and “Y/Ourparking” parking barriers with the help of a mobile application, in your car or even while sitting in the office.

It’s a perfect, convenient solution when you’re hosting a guest or client – because you’re guaranteed to have a parking space. And when you don’t need the space, you can let it out to someone else. And you can do all this from the comfort of your armchair, controlled through our application!

take part in the YourParking experience

Do you need help?

Do you have questions about our services, have you encountered a problem or would you like to request a quote? Write us here! There is always someone on our 0-24 hour customer service who is happy to answer!

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We are working hard on developing the app. You have to wait a bit, but see you soon there!

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