The future of parking has arrived

Imagine that you don’t have to stress or waste your time while searching for parking spots in downtown areas. Moreover nobody will occupy your own parking place if you want. How about making money with your parking place?

The Yourparking smart parking barriers with all of their features are able to make your parking experience comfortable and predictable.

Your Parking - Your Problem?

Limited parking spots

In larger cities the need for parking spaces surpasses the availability of them. Futhermore, some of them aren’t usable.

Illegal parking

Have you experienced that you hadn’t been able to use your own parking spot because someone were using it without permission? Maybe it is the worst when you’re arriving home from shopping.


You can bump into many restricted parking places what barely anyone uses most of the time. But the soultion is here.

We’ve found the solution

We’ve created a smart parking barrier targeting individuals and businesses. The device is able to bear with the weight of a truck thus it is a real guard of your parking place.

To add, with our solution the utilization of parking places and available areas can be more optimised than ever because these places became shareable. It is a win-win situation.


Easily controllable with your mobile or a remote controller.

After disassembling it doesn’t require any maintenance.

You can share it with anyone anytime. For a fee, or for free.

24/7 customer service

3 years of warrany, fast service and installation

Safe and secured online payment system.

Our parking barriers

“Y/Ourparking” parking barrier

The „Y/Ourparking” parking barrier is the most equipped and the most exclusive Yourparking parking guard. You can earn money with it besides guarding it from strangers who are not allowed to use your place. You can share your spot with anyone anytime for the fee you deceide. This is literally the Airbnb of parking.

300 ,000 Ft +Áfa

“Yourparking advanced smart” parking barrier

The „Yourparking advanced smart” is a smart parking guard, which works automatically. Can be controlled with mobil application or remote control, so you don’t have to leave your car’s comfort to open it. Designed for personal use so it means you can use it any time, but you can’t rent it to others. For renting there is the „Y/Ourparking” parking barrier.

240 ,000 Ft +Áfa

“Myparking – Basic” parking barrier

Traditional parking barrier, although more robust, ergonomic than any other. Resistant and stable and still elegantly beautiful. After disassembling it doesn’t require any maintenance. Accessable with remote control or by hand.

100 ,000 Ft +Áfa

Our partners

Discover the app

The „YourParking advanced smart” and the „Y/Ourparking” parking barriers can be controlled by mobil applications from your office or your car.

To add, if you don’t use your place you can rent it for the fee and the time you want. Of course you can use others’ place if you want.

Yourparking parkolásgátló térkép

Need help?

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